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Youssif Zaghwani Omar

Congratulations to all students for having your papers published! We are so enthusiastic to read your papers and proud of you for selecting Artifacts Journal to publish your papers. This issue is distinguished as it includes a diversity of papers with different topics, genres, and styles. Diversity, of course, is a positive concept in all aspects […]

Death in af

The Concept of Death in Early African Societies

Alex Daniel

  All cultures of the world find explanations for death and the afterlife.  In the Christian faith, when believers of Jesus Christ and his Holy Father perish, they will have everlasting life in Heaven. In the Hindu faith, it is believed that when one dies, he or she will resurrect into a new form. Death […]

dam p

Proposed Hydroelectric Mega-Dam Project in Chilean Patagonia

Lindsey Marschka

  Imagine a place where everything is measured by its majestic beauty: where bountiful nature exists in a pristine, untouched form, and discovery and exploration are encouraged among some of the most primitive, remote communities and man co-exists with fertile valleys, snow-capped mountains, winding rivers and streams, magnificent glaciers, and a slew of unique forest […]


Preventative Programs Targeting Aggression among College Students

Erynn Crawford & Kelly Gross

  Introduction This study researches the association between higher levels of aggression, as measured by an aggression scale, and participation in aggression prevention programs during adolescence. Survey research was conducted on college students that asked questions about these two variables from student experiences during the ages of 10 to 17. Research supports the association between […]


Protecting the Rainforests of the Oceans

Graham Basecke

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a coral reef system in person? They are very beautiful and are among some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on planet Earth. Often called, “rainforests of the sea”, they are underwater living structures composed of calcium carbonates that over time are secreted […]

lake of O

From Pioneer Forest to Political Prop: Power Geographies of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Thomas B. Larsen

  Introduction The whole place was damned from the beginning. Long before becoming a national park, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR, Ozark Riverways, or Riverways) has been subject to intense competition and controversy. Located in southeastern Missouri, the boundaries of the ONSR comprise of parts of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. Recognized primarily […]

Rocky Mo

Rocky Mountain Valleys of Southern Colorado

Lindsey Marschka

Rolling hills, mountain views, plenty of sunshine and history that blows through the wind—it is no secret as to why the peaceful residential mountain park of Garden Park Valley, Colorado is a primetime destination for a variety of people. As an area with a breadth of significance in its scope, whether gathered through one’s physical […]


Leather Yoghurt: Suspicion of Exotic Food and the Chinese Government’s Crisis of Faith

Anqi Zhang

Yoghurt is a popular exotic food in China, especially among young Chinese girls who want to lose weight because they think yoghurt is healthy and contains relatively low calories. Even though the price is high compared to other food, yoghurt sells well in China. However, in February 2011, a rumor of leather yoghurt made Chinese […]

divorce 1

Parental Divorce and Student Academic Achievement

Justin Grubb & Tre Long

  Introduction In America, there is a traditionalist view on marriage where men and women are expected to marry. Marriage is viewed as a life-long contract that is not easily broken. When the contract is broken, the resulting divorce has an effect on the entire family. Children may be torn between parents, forced to live […]

se 1

Wrap It or Pack It

Ryan Owens

Sex is everywhere. In today’s society it seems like everyone is having sex, and is having it often. Whether it is homosexual, heterosexual, or asexual, it is truly the normative behavior.  In twentieth century heterosexual relationships, there is a discriminative bias of sexuality as men in the dominant role and women in the submissive role. […]

woman 2

The Woman

Ellie Mullane

  She sat there, on her balcony, taking long smooth pulls of her blueberry cigarillo, letting the smoke rest in her mouth, savoring the sweetness before letting flow gently from her lips. The cool night air brought clarity as she looked up to the stars. She liked it here, in the quiet of the night. […]

Mac in China

Effects of McDonalds on Younger Chinese Generation’s Lives

Ruixue Chen

In 1990, when McDonalds was first introduced to China, fast food restaurants from western countries were not widely accepted in China. In fact, many Chinese had never heard about the typical menu such as French fries and hamburgers that were offered in fast food restaurants. Businessmen were also curious about McDonald’s management mode.  NBC news […]