Editor's Introduction

Divine Matrix

Youssif Zaghwani Omar

According to Braden, Divine Matrix is “the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created” (p. 4). This definition comprises three components that frame Divine Matrix: container, bridge, and mirror. The concept “container” indicates that people are living in a small village in […]


Care for Life? The Failing System of Nursing Home Care in the United States

Maura Fisher

Maura Fisher is from St. Louis, Missouri and is a junior at the University of Missouri.  She is majoring in Health Sciences with a Minor in Nutrition in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. She has been a Certified Nursing Assistant since 2013, which was her inspiration for writing this research paper. She loved being with her elderly residents, […]


Elijah’s Inferno

Elijah Solidum

Elijah Solidum is a junior student, majoring in International Business Management. His hometown is Nevada, MO, but he has lived in the Philippines, New York, and New Hampshire. He chose to write “Elijah’s Inferno” because he had read Dante’s Inferno in class that semester, and he wanted to put a personal and more modern spin on Dante’s […]


How to Live a Life

Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan is a sophomore currently majoring in biology. He is from Wildwood, Missouri. He wrote this paper as an explication de texte for Middle Ages and Renaissance Humanities Sequence course, choosing this passage from Dante’s Divine Comedy. As he was interested in examining a section of a work that came close to illustrating an author’s entire worldview, something he felt this passage did […]


Oy Vey! The Jewish Golem and The X-Files

Riley Simpson

Riley Simpson is a recent graduate from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. He loves writing and editing, as well as myths and stories like the Jewish Golem legend complex. He lives in Arlington Heights, IL. He was curious about golems, so he asked his friend Peter, an X-Files superfan, to recommend a golem-themed episode […]

Africa 1

Polytheism in Early Africa

Tighe McCandless

Tighe McCandless is alumni right now.  He graduated from the University of Missouri in December 2014. He was born in Wildwood, MO and lived in St. Louis. His major is history, and he is working at Mizzou. He wrote about this topic because it was part of his class study. Much of the subject matter […]


The Cropsey Maniac

Meredith Vitale

Meredith Vitale is from Eureka, MO and is studying now English at Vanderbilt University. She picked this topic, in Spring 2014, when she took a Folklore class with Professor Roth. She chose to do her final project on the Cropsey Maniac after working as a counselor at a residential camp the previous summer and observing how campers, especially those […]


The Trouble with Princes

Amanda Eshelman

Amanda Eshelman is a student at the University of Missouri, Columbia, majoring in biology. She is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is interested in veterinary medicine. She decided to write about The Prince in her Middle Ages and Renaissance class primarily because she hated it a lot. This is her attempt at a reasonable justification for bashing a centuries old […]


The Phenomenon of Impulse Buying

Cole Mendenhall

For many people, impulsiveness can be intuitive by nature. Impulsiveness can be related to their personality, low-inhibitions, external factors or all of the above. To an extent, this can be common and not harmful, but there comes a point when the individual has lost control of his or her impulsive behaviors. This is visible in […]


Hannibal, MO: “America’s Hometown” Amidst Fictional Landscape

Lindsey Marschka

We, as humans, are continually connecting with our surroundings in an interactive manner that has a profound effect on how we move through the world subjectively and react to the landscapes we inhabit. Bonding with specific locales is natural and pronounced when each individual is able to thrive within a regional group that has historical […]

Legend 1

A Journey to Other Worlds

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller graduated from MU with a bachelor of English in May 2014, and he is a first-year masters’ student now in English at MU.  His fiction has appeared in ZONE 3, Puerto del Sol, and Hobart, among other publications. He selected to write about this topic simply because he has always been fascinated with […]