Archive: Jul 2012

A Close Reading of Jarmusch'’s Coffee and Cigarettes

Released in 2003, Jarmusch'’s Coffee and Cigarettes is a compilation of 11 vignettes that follow the conversations between two to three people as they discuss a variety of mostly insignificant subjects.

The Taiwan (Architectural) Miracle

In modern times, the ever-growing world population has caused the boom of giant cities with limited space, along with the rise of amazing places that are built to round in tourists. The allure to build and have the tallest building known to the world in one’s country satisfies many needs of a blossoming city. The recent few record buildings have primarily been in Asia, and all have in some way influenced the other.

Fantastic Conflict in “The Raven”

The raven serves as the representation of the unreal because it is nothing more than an anthropomorphized version of the narrator’s subconscious despair. In this way, the poem consists of a pseudo-dialogue between the narrator and his own psychological echo.