Call for Submissions

Artifacts is a refereed journal of undergraduate work at The University of Missouri. The journal celebrates writing in all its forms by inviting student authors to submit projects composed across different genres and media.

FINAL Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2020 for the Summer 2020 publication. 


Submissions will be evaluated by members of the Artifacts editorial board. We encourage media compositions that may include video, audio, podcasts, photos as well as the traditional essay.  If you choose to submit a traditional essay, we encourage you to add hyperlinks where helpful and to include images or other media (that you have rights to use) that expand or enrich the scope of your work. Projects are selected not because they meet some universal standard for writing, but because they meet with creativity and intelligence the particular demands of given topics and forms.


All submissions received before the final deadline will also be considered for the writing contest and will be eligible for a $500 first prize, a $300 second prize, and a $200 third prize.  Funds from prize will be deposited into student account as financial aid.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be e-mailed

Include the following with your email submission. Each item should be scanned and attached to the email.

Student Information Sheet

Unlimited Personal Release Agreement

* Photo related to your submission (please ensure that you have permission to use the photo)

* Photo of yourself  * NOTE:  If your submission is chosen for publication the photos you submit will be posted on the Artifacts website

Up to two projects accepted per person, 10 pages maximum per submission (Including works cited), For more information, see Artifacts Journal at