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Hold Me

Michael Wilmarth

You’ve been anticipating this appointment all week. Since your last appointment, when the woman with the bobby, curly hair held you gently and changed your mind— convinced you that you weren’t crazy. Or like your mom said, hormonal. Or like your dad said, bored. Your dad, an immigrant from the Bengali region who worked for […]

Improving Computerized Charting in an Intensive Care Unit

Benjamin Smith

Abstract The purpose of this study is to look deeper into an electronic medical record (EMR) system to find inefficiencies within the overall charting process. Along with collecting observation data on nurses within the University of Missouri Hospital Intensive Care Unit, EMR activity log data was gathered from the EMR system through a real time […]

Meating Expectations: Challenges of Meat Production and a Growing Population

Chloe Gossett

As the human population grows, the task of producing enough food for everyone becomes increasingly difficult; by 2050 we will need to produce enough food for 2 million more people. To meet current food demands, an industrialized agricultural system has been created including concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Concentrated animal feeding operations make it possible […]

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2018 Mizzou Advantage Writing Contest: 2nd Place

Dogs In The Laundry Room: Mental Health Treatment in Humans and Animals

Alyssa Gregory

I rarely think of the tornado. Sometimes, I forget it happened and am reminded by something small: a drizzling rain, the smell of the air in May, Pizza Rolls, a map of Oklahoma, barn swallows. Sometimes I tear my bedroom apart in search of some long-lost possession only to remember that I have not seen […]

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2018 Mizzou Advantage Writing Contest: 1st Place

Nature of the Beast

Connor Hennessy

I’ve always been a glutton; there’s no denying that. I’ve always licked my plate clean, not out of obligation to use what I’ve been given, but to bring about a bliss that only eating can elicit. While I tear through a steak, snap into a carrot, or chew up a turnip, I feel as if […]

Old Habits Out and New Habits In: The New Way to Waste Food

Matthew Gardner

Throughout my life I have had my fair share of wasteful habits. I have thrown food out because I thought it looked funky, to simply being too full and not wanting to eat another bite. In the moment, I never stop to think about the impact it may have on the world. However, try to […]

Mizzou Advantage Writing Contest: 2nd Place

Christmas Holiday: Queering Family in 20th Century Southern Missouri

Kelsey Rogers

An obituary in The Southeast Missourian lists Elaine “Tommie” Davis as the business partner of Mary Jane “Miss Jane” Barnett for over forty years (Elaine Davis Obituary). However, the family albums of the two tell a richer story, they were life partners as well as business partners, a radical act in mid-century America, and perhaps […]

Hypovolemic Shock and Fluid Resuscitation

Jackson Furlong

 Case Introduction Patient is a 54 year old male who presented at the ER complaining of abdominal pain for the past two days.  He admitted to the consumption of a 12 pack of beer four to five nights a week for the past two weeks.  He began vomiting during the morning of his admittance, and […]

The Essential Role of Islet Transplantation in Diabetes Treatment

Emily Secrist

According to compelling studies performed in 2005, the prevalence of the disease, diabetes mellitus, could be found in over 20 million Americans, and the amount was perceived to increase significantly in coming years to create a hardship on the medical community. (Deshpande et al., 1254). This disorder, which is characterized by high glycemic levels of […]

You’ve Died. Now What?

Payton Powell

Twenty-one people in the United States die each day while waiting on the organ transplant list. One organ donor can save eight lives. That being said, it only takes three people a day to donate their organs upon death to turn the number that die waiting into zero. Considering around seven thousand people die each […]