Topic: Health and Society

Old Habits Out and New Habits In: The New Way to Waste Food

Matthew Gardner

Throughout my life I have had my fair share of wasteful habits. I have thrown food out because I thought it looked funky, to simply being too full and not wanting to eat another bite. In the moment, I never stop to think about the impact it may have on the world. However, try to […]

Mizzou Advantage Writing Contest: 2nd Place

Christmas Holiday: Queering Family in 20th Century Southern Missouri

Kelsey Rogers

An obituary in The Southeast Missourian lists Elaine “Tommie” Davis as the business partner of Mary Jane “Miss Jane” Barnett for over forty years (Elaine Davis Obituary). However, the family albums of the two tell a richer story, they were life partners as well as business partners, a radical act in mid-century America, and perhaps […]

Hypovolemic Shock and Fluid Resuscitation

Jackson Furlong

 Case Introduction Patient is a 54 year old male who presented at the ER complaining of abdominal pain for the past two days.  He admitted to the consumption of a 12 pack of beer four to five nights a week for the past two weeks.  He began vomiting during the morning of his admittance, and […]

The Essential Role of Islet Transplantation in Diabetes Treatment

Emily Secrist

According to compelling studies performed in 2005, the prevalence of the disease, diabetes mellitus, could be found in over 20 million Americans, and the amount was perceived to increase significantly in coming years to create a hardship on the medical community. (Deshpande et al., 1254). This disorder, which is characterized by high glycemic levels of […]

You’ve Died. Now What?

Payton Powell

Twenty-one people in the United States die each day while waiting on the organ transplant list. One organ donor can save eight lives. That being said, it only takes three people a day to donate their organs upon death to turn the number that die waiting into zero. Considering around seven thousand people die each […]

The Failing Test for Success

Rachel W. Taryle

As a college student, I am expected to memorize and not learn. I’m a business student who is tested over how well I can memorize optimization problems and organic chemistry equations. Even though my major pertains nothing to those subjects, this is the state of our current education system. Yes, all the general education classes […]

Sickle-Cell Disease Contributes to Cognitive Impairment in Children

Acacia C. Grimes

Abstract An examination of how sickle-cell disease contributes to cognitive impairment in children. The definition, classification, and pathophysiology of sickle-cell disease is discussed to support the cognitive impairment seen within children with sickle-cell disease. The quality of life that children with sickle cell experience is also discussed as it plays a role in how children […]

First Winner

Insects: It’s what’s for Dinner?

Christine Carson

Christine Carson is a senior in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Soil Resource Management at the University of Missouri. Upon graduation in May of 2015, she plans to attend Kansas State University, where she will study soil microbiology in restored prairies. Motivation for her academic interests and this article stem from Christine’s vested interests […]

Care for Life? The Failing System of Nursing Home Care in the United States

Maura Fisher

The phrase “respect your elders” is ingrained in most minds at a young age. This phrase, however, has been lost somewhere. A lack of respect for the elderly is especially present in the quality of health care they receive. Not only are the elderly discriminated against in the US health care system, many of their health problems are cast off as “getting old.”