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The Failing Test for Success

Rachel is a sophomore business major with an emphasis in marketing. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi and enjoy dancing in her free time. She wrote this paper to raise awareness about the current problem in……

Sickle-Cell Disease Contributes to Cognitive Impairment in Children

Acacia is from St. Louis, MO and graduated from MIZZOU with a bachelor of Health Sciences in May 2015 and is now pursuing a bachelor of Nursing Science from the University of Missouri Accelerated Nursing Program. In elementary school,……

Insects: It’s what’s for Dinner?

Christine Carson is a senior in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Soil Resource Management at the University of Missouri. Upon graduation in May of 2015, she plans to attend Kansas State University, where she will study soil microbiology in…

Care for Life? The Failing System of Nursing Home Care in the United States

The phrase “respect your elders” is ingrained in most minds at a young age. This phrase, however, has been lost somewhere. A lack of respect for the elderly is especially present in the quality of health care they receive. Not only are the elderly discriminated against in the US health care system, many of their health problems are cast off as “getting old.”

Leather Yoghurt: Suspicion of Exotic Food and the Chinese Government’s Crisis of Faith

Yoghurt is a popular exotic food in China, especially among young Chinese girls who want to lose weight because they think yoghurt is healthy and contains relatively low calories.

Video Game Effects on Children

While all video games share many of the same fundamental functions, there are marked differences that help define the violent genre and insure its continually expanding prevalence in modern society.

Oral Health Poster

Oral Health Poster (Click to enlarge.)  …

Who Will Build the Better Ape?

We are trapped within what I call the Better Ape Fallacy Loop, in which like Frankowski's theoretical gorillas we continually enhance the traits that we consider to be most beneficial to our survival while ignoring the historical and scientific precedent stating that we simply do not know what will drive our further evolution.

Issue Brief - Alcohol Impaired Drivers

A review of current data on alcohol related auto accidents and recommendations for new policies.

Our Home Away From Home: Putting a Stop to College Campus Violence

Many factors such as gender roles, alcohol use and societal norms lead to violence on Mizzou’s campus. These crimes cause not only physical, but also emotional and mental damage to victims, and students are beginning to protest.

Dove Chocolate: A Love Story

Ads can really only play off the ideas and emotions that are already present in the minds of the audience, even if they are just the seeds of a thought. It is also important to note that most of the effects of advertising are very subconscious—it inspires a thought, an impression seated deep within.