Literary Analysis

Picture of cover of the book by Hurston

Literacy’s Effect on Black Women: A Personal Narrative

Janie’s narrative in Their Eyes Were Watching God exemplified this for me. It allowed me to parallel myself with Janie, to compare my experience as a Black woman with hers, and embolden me to find my own truth and seek fulfillment within my life.

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A Technological Invasion

Technology is a very important part of our lives as almost every person with a cell phone would probably say. We live in a world where we rely on technology so much that in a way it controls us. Authors…

nocturne painting

Siren: Based On The Painting "Nocturne"

Black. White. You can’t seem to have one without the other. It is their contrast that brings out their beauty.   Clouds on a spring afternoon, the dandelions in the pasture out back, the warm milk Ma brings…

Reflections in a Black Mirror: Analyzing Bloody Mary and Her Presence in "The Wolf Among Us"

It’s a typical setting; a group of teens enjoying each others company at a sleepover, when suddenly, they decide to play a game. At the behest of the others, one of the teens gets up, goes to the bathroom, turns…

Death as Freedom In 19th Century Women's Literature: An Escape from Idleness

Introduction: Giving Voice to Struggle Few would argue that Victorian writers were death-averse; generally, at least one of their novels or poems consists of a hefty, symbolic death that transforms the other characters around them. Being so numerous, these deaths’…

Vauxhall Gardens in Frances Burney's Evelina

Frances Burney’s Evelina portrays a world where politeness, manners, and proper etiquette are very important.  When Evelina first encounters Vauxhall Gardens, she has yet to believe that the place is anything but reputable, and she endeavors to express her satisfaction…

“Supernatural” Beginnings in North American Folklore: The Vanishing Hitchhiker and La Llorona

Rock music blares from the speakers of a car as it drives down a dark wooded road. The young man driving is speaking to his girlfriend on the phone explaining that he can’t make it tonight because it’s late and…

Hauntings of the Hudson Valley: Landscapes, and Ghosts

Michael Brassea is from Frankfort, Illinois. He’ll be graduating May 2015 with bachelor in English. He is an avid Chicago Bulls fan rarely misses a game even here in Missouri. He also loves to run, co-founding the Mimosa Court Track…

    A Conscious Universe

Sean Donovan is a sophomore biology major from Wildwood, Missouri. He chose to write A Conscious Universe out of interest in the reoccurring concept of fate and divine predestination in the works of the Middle Ages. Not being a believer…

How to Live a Life

Living life as a human, on planet Earth, is a phenomenon that anyone who is ever written a single word has perfect experience with. It would be impossible not to. For better or for worse, we all share the same fundamental experience. Separation in space or time can certainly alter how two people view the world. The overwhelming consensus, however, whether revealed through science, or the vast array of parallels in our art, religion, and literature, point to one fact. We are vastly more similar to one another than we are different. Of all these similarities, one would be hard pressed to find some more striking than the reoccurring stories we have told each other over the vast course of our history.

A Journey to Other Worlds

The astral body appears in many different cultures throughout time and throughout the world. In Egypt, the “KA was not the soul of man . . . but its vehicle” (Muldoon & Carrington, 2011, p. xxii). In the Qur’an, Muhammad’s astral body travels in the Isra and Mi’raj story.  And, among other sacred and secular texts, the astral body appears in Hindu scripture, Taoist practice, and even Christianity. In his article regarding the afterlife, Woolger (2014)  notes that “in such journeys in the world religions and innumerable tribal practices” scholars have “described a common pattern of ‘ascent’, which is to say an ecstatic, mystical or out-of body experience, wherein the spiritual traveler leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body into ‘higher’ realms” (para. 4).


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From Pioneer Forest to Political Prop: Power Geographies of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways

The whole place was damned from the beginning. Long before becoming a national park, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR, Ozark Riverways, or Riverways) has been subject to intense competition and controversy. Located in southeastern Missouri, the boundaries of the ONSR comprise of parts of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers.

Parental Divorce and Student Academic Achievement

In America, there is a traditionalist view on marriage where men and women are expected to marry. Marriage is viewed as a life-long contract that is not easily broken. When the contract is broken, the resulting divorce has an effect on the entire family.

The Woman

She sat there, on her balcony, taking long smooth pulls of her blueberry cigarillo, letting the smoke rest in her mouth, savoring the sweetness before letting flow gently from her lips.