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U.S. Syphilis Study at Tuskegee and Minority Participation in Research

The U.S. Syphilis Study at Tuskegee studied the condition and progress of nearly 400 African-American males with diagnosed syphilis. Lured to the hospital with promises of free transportation, lunches, medical care, and burials, the subjects were observed for nearly 40 years and never informed of their condition. These subjects also were never notified of their participation in a research study, and, though efficient syphilis medications were available, they were not administered treatment.

Representation through Documentary: A Post-Modern Assessment

Like photography, documentaries are a representational medium: They record and occasionally reconstruct the everyday reality viewers typically cannot experience themselves. Because photography is an indexical sign signifying truth, audiences understand the documentary, a moving photograph, to signify truth also. However, they are able to make the distinction between the “everyday reality” presented by documentaries and the fictive “reality” of cinematic films.

Women Veterans Face Challenges of Homelessness

Tina Conroy's voice cracks mid-sentence and mid-sob over the phone in the Veterans Affairs office (VA) of Columbia while a comforting voice reminds her she can stop if it becomes too painful. "We had nowhere else to go. We had no money, and it was me and my two children, and my daughter and her family."


In this inaugural issue of Artifacts’ relaunch, an emerging theme of these essays, stories, and poem is the work of remembering. Some do this by drawing our attention to aspects of history that still affect us decades later even when they are missing from our daily consciousness.

Environmental Issue

The myriad ways in which environmental conservation, stewardship, and sustainability find expression on MU’s campus would probably surprise most people. Global warming, electric cars, renewable energy——these may be controversial matters in our society, but as we watch the slow and uncertain rise of so-new technologies, and follow the political calculations surrounding policy changes shift with the price of oil, on the local level many are taking decisive action.

First Year Writing Special Issue

First-Year Composition at the University of Missouri———English 1000———is characterized above all by its diversity. While broad guidelines and goals underwrite what a phalanx of instructors implement in nearly 200 sections each year, the freedom instructors possess to teach to their strengths and interests is a hallmark that, if these essays are any indication, is a boon to MU students.

Not Yet Finished

In Jane Yolen’s Favorite Folktales From Around The World, a Sioux Indian tale entitled “The End of The World” attempts to catalogue Sioux culture before, during, and after European colonization. In addition, the tale chastises the Europeans’ oppressive colonization of Native America, which not only attempted to eradicate the Sioux tradition and religion, but also tried to foster a new, foreign culture upon these native people.

A New Path of Liberation: Choosing to be Disabled on Second Life

People often feel a need to escape from their real lives. They want to vacation away from the challenges reality forces them to deal with. Virtual worlds are often seen as places where people can escape to because they take away real-life challenges, allowing people to achieve solidarity.

One Bite = Instant Pleasure

There is nothing like biting into a big juicy over processed cheeseburger that is smothered with processed condiments that make your taste buds scream with joy with every bit you take.

The Anti-ana

Throughout the years, many trends have come and gone. However in recent decades, one trend has stayed put: skinny. The cliché phrase “thin is in” is an understatement of our culture’s obsession with weight. A barrage of ads for diet systems, weight loss supplements, and exercise plans are constantly thrown at consumers.