Issue 13

Published in August 2015

You’ve Died. Now What?

Payton Powell

Twenty-one people in the United States die each day while waiting on the organ transplant list. One organ donor can save eight lives. That being said, it only takes three people a day to donate their organs upon death to turn the number that die waiting into zero. Considering around seven thousand people die each […]

U.S. Military Intervention to Combat the Islamic State

Grant Martin

On September 10, 2014, President Obama addressed the nation, in his speech he issued a national vendetta against the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The president proposed a plan to conduct a campaign of coordinated airstrikes to “degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL”; assuring the United States would not deploy […]

The Failing Test for Success

Rachel W. Taryle

As a college student, I am expected to memorize and not learn. I’m a business student who is tested over how well I can memorize optimization problems and organic chemistry equations. Even though my major pertains nothing to those subjects, this is the state of our current education system. Yes, all the general education classes […]

The Conspiracy of the NBA Draft

Zack Schwartz

The National Basketball Association is third largest professional sports league in the country and one of the biggest businesses, valued at over 12 billion dollars. With some of the most popular athletes on the planet, such as LeBron James and some of the most exclusive television deals and sponsorships the NBA is the very definition […]

Sickle-Cell Disease Contributes to Cognitive Impairment in Children

Acacia C. Grimes

Abstract An examination of how sickle-cell disease contributes to cognitive impairment in children. The definition, classification, and pathophysiology of sickle-cell disease is discussed to support the cognitive impairment seen within children with sickle-cell disease. The quality of life that children with sickle cell experience is also discussed as it plays a role in how children […]


Jessica Dennis

What. A. Shitshow. I think to myself upon reading our final prompt. If I were to write any other paper, it would follow a strict narrative. My writing would be planned, organized, and methodical. It would have a beginning, middle, and end—all good things come in threes, right? Well if that’s the case, maybe that […]

The Rwandan Conflict of 1994 and America’s Role

Julia Davis

Rooted in historical ethnic tensions, a conflict culminated between the two dominant people groups of Rwanda in 1994. These two groups were the Hutus and the Tutsis, and the conflict between them led to a genocide that is responsible for the deaths of an estimated five hundred thousand to one million Rwandans. Through their conflict, […]

King Arthur and His Part in the Breaking of the Round Table

Amy Cantrall

Thomas Malory’s book, Le Morte Darthur, illustrates for its readers the rise and decline in power of the principle character, King Arthur. Beginning as a man chosen to become the King of Camelot and surrounding lands, King Arthur seemed to have befit perfectly as everything the kingdom needed in a ruler. However, once he becomes […]

Crop Circles Explained

McKenzie Pendergrass

Crop circles and their mysterious origins have spawned years of debate and speculation about whether or not they are formed by aliens. Crop circles have been adapted into films and television series, and usually the use of crop circles in these mediums is to give way to a supernatural or otherworldly entity that has come […]

Conflict Analysis

Jakob Daugherty

It is said in poker that you can win on a weak hand if your opponent is showing theirs. Although, statistics has shown us that there still is a possibility to win. The perfect flop could win it all or loose it all. In Ukraine, there is little hope for a perfect flop, especially, when […]

A Glimpse of Everything

Sean Donovan

Very rarely is one able to extract from a work of literature, or any work for that matter, a truly profound insight into a person’s most defining views on life, the universe, and existence. Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, however, remains one of these works. With a journey to reach not only a turning point in […]