Issue 14

Published in April 2016

The Gay Lib Controversy: Social Change versus Social Norms at the University of Missouri

Erin Niederberger

In 1971, a homosexual student organization known as Gay Liberation or Gay Lib requested and was denied recognition at the University of Missouri-Columbia. For the next seven years, Gay Lib members would work their way through a system of appeals and court cases until they were finally awarded recognition in April 1978. This was not […]

Reflections in a Black Mirror: Analyzing Bloody Mary and Her Presence in “The Wolf Among Us”

Connor Flood

It’s a typical setting; a group of teens enjoying each others company at a sleepover, when suddenly, they decide to play a game. At the behest of the others, one of the teens gets up, goes to the bathroom, turns off all of the lights, and while staring into the mirror, she recites her name. […]

The Rise of the “Crazy Cat Lady”

Andrea Ares

I grew up wanting a dog. In fact, since I learned to talk up until the age of 7 all I talked about were dogs. It didn’t help that my neighbor had a real-life Air Bud Golden Retriever who would fetch the newspaper every morning, which was a constant motivator to keep persuading my parents […]

My Misadventures in Love, Like, Lust, & Other Attractions

Andrea Ares

My Adventures Misadventures In Love, Like, Lust, & Other Attractions “I regard romantic comedies as a subgenre of sci-fi, in which the world operates according to different rules than my regular human world.”- Mindy Kaling Disclaimer: If you’re looking to read something along the lines of “How To Land Your Dream Man In Less Than […]

Death as Freedom In 19th Century Women’s Literature: An Escape from Idleness

Hughes Ransom

Introduction: Giving Voice to Struggle Few would argue that Victorian writers were death-averse; generally, at least one of their novels or poems consists of a hefty, symbolic death that transforms the other characters around them. Being so numerous, these deaths’ meanings undoubtedly vary—from messages about grief and sorrow to themes of freedom and afterlife—and grow […]

Hypovolemic Shock and Fluid Resuscitation

Jackson Furlong

 Case Introduction Patient is a 54 year old male who presented at the ER complaining of abdominal pain for the past two days.  He admitted to the consumption of a 12 pack of beer four to five nights a week for the past two weeks.  He began vomiting during the morning of his admittance, and […]

Out of the Water and Onto Our Plates: Combating Asian Carp Invasion with Cutlery

Erin Petty

A Flying Fish Frenzy Fishing trips in the Midwest are typically associated with tranquil waters and relaxing, daylong excursions. But more and more often, horror stories are being told about unsuspecting boaters and fishermen who have been attacked aboard their vessels by armies of oversized fish that are forcefully hurling themselves up out of the […]

Fear of Fear Itself: A Deeper Look Into U. S. Birthing Culture

Jessica Dennis

Imagine a woman giving birth. What exactly comes to mind? For many Americans scenes of a screaming woman laying flat on a hospital bed in an all white room probably flashes before them. For others around the globe, the picture is somewhat different. Women in many other developed countries most often birth using a practice […]

Vauxhall Gardens in Frances Burney’s Evelina

Sarah Judd

Frances Burney’s Evelina portrays a world where politeness, manners, and proper etiquette are very important.  When Evelina first encounters Vauxhall Gardens, she has yet to believe that the place is anything but reputable, and she endeavors to express her satisfaction with some pleasure (Burney 218).  This can lead modern readers to think that Vauxhall Gardens […]

The Essential Role of Islet Transplantation in Diabetes Treatment

Emily Secrist

According to compelling studies performed in 2005, the prevalence of the disease, diabetes mellitus, could be found in over 20 million Americans, and the amount was perceived to increase significantly in coming years to create a hardship on the medical community. (Deshpande et al., 1254). This disorder, which is characterized by high glycemic levels of […]

The Women’s Symposium

Erin Niederberger

The flute girl wandered into the kitchen with the contented air of someone who has already been paid for the night’s work, however light it might be. “They may not need that,” she told a serving girl who was watering a second jug of wine. “They say they’re not drinking very much tonight.” The cook, […]

Thelonious Monk Photo

Thelonius Monk, Alone in San Francisco: A Critical Review

Bendetto Colagiovanni

Thelonious Monk does not simply play the piano–he lives through it.  The instrument is an extension of himself  Each note Monk plays is a cathartic expression of emotion–love, loss, pain, anguish–all conspiring with the virtuoso’s grunts and mumbles to create a sound world unique to the mysterious jazz master, an auditory experience impossible to replicate […]